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We are a team of experienced property lawyers, offering conveyancing services in Broken Hill.

Our services are offered on a fixed fee basis, with prices starting at $990 inclusive of GST.

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We are experienced at navigating the complexities of conveyancing in rural areas, like Broken Hill.

Our services include residential and commercial property conveyancing, including rural properties and farmland.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your property needs and tell you all about our low fixed fee conveyancing packages.

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Our solicitors can assist with any type of property purchase in Broken Hill.

We know buyers are often under pressure to move forward quickly when they find a property. Our lawyers can often review a contract in as little as a few hours.

That's just one of the ways Open House Conveyancing is different from other law firms.
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Are you ready to sell your property? Let us help!

We will do the job quickly without compromising on quality.

Our lawyers can prepare your contract of sale within a day (depending upon how quickly council provides us with your zoning certificate).

When you find a buyer for your property, we will ensure the contract is sent to your purchaser's solicitor without delay.
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Do you need to transfer the title of a property? Perhaps you want to add your spouse as a joint owner. Or maybe you have recently divorced and need to remove an owner.

Whatever the reason, we can assist with your transfer of title.
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Off The Plan

There's no better feeling than buying a brand new home. Purchasing a property 'off the plan' is a little more complicated than purchasing a property that has already been built.

Our lawyers will thoroughly review your contract and provide detailed advice on your purchase.

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Are you thinking of buying property in broken hill?

On the bucket-list for so many travellers, Broken Hill is the premier outback and heritage town in New South Wales.
Broken hill sculptures

What You'll Love About Broken Hill

1. It has a strong mining legacy, making it the pinnacle Australian outback town.

2. Its rich history, culture and thriving art scene.

3. The down to earth, strong, and resilient community.

Broken Hill's mining History

There’s no doubt Broken Hill is a mining town. In fact, it is Australia’s longest-running mining city. Most Australians know BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company, but fewer people know that BHP actually stands for Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited.

BHP started in Broken Hill is 1885 and after more than 130 years of mining, Broken Hill is one of the longest continual mining towns in the world.

An average of 11% of adults living in Broken Hill are employed in the mining industry (compared to an average of 2.4% in other NSW regional towns).

Apart from being the backbone of the region, mining is also a major tourism drawcard for the area, with many companies providing tours of the old mines.

Broken hill mining town
broken hill culture

Arts and Culture

It is hard to escape the city’s thriving art scene. Broken Hill has it all - from stunning murals and unique galleries to a rugged terrain that has inspired artists and filmmakers alike.

A must-see is the Living Desert Reserve which houses open-air sculptures and a rich fauna sanctuary. There are 12 sandstone artworks, all with a story to tell. The amazing sculptures are particularly beautiful to view at sunset.

The sculptures have been a feature of Broken Hill since 1993 and are now one of the most photographed areas in the outback.

The Flora and Fauna Sanctuary is an area of 180 hectares that has been designed to provide visitors with a unique insight into flora, fauna and Aboriginal culture of western New South Wales. 

The scenery is breathtaking and can be enjoyed via the numerous walking trails. There is also a recreational picnic area with plenty of shaded areas, free barbeques and toilets.

The Local Broken Hill Community

Ask anyone who has visited Broken Hill and they will tell you the best thing about the town is its people.

Its rugged and harsh terrain, unforgiving weather and isolation from other towns means the people who live in Broken Hill are a strong and resilient bunch. 

With only 17,000 residents, everyone knows each other, and the town has a strong community bond. 

Adopting the age-old custom of looking out for thy neighbour, the people of Broken Hill welcome new residents and visitors alike.

broken hill conveyancing

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Broken Hill - the pinnicle outback town

Great to live.
Great to invest.
A historical town that's rich with Australian culture.

Where Is Broken Hill?

The town is approximately 1,150 kilometres west of Sydney. By car, the journey takes about 12 hours.

 Broken Hill has a regional airport, with regular flights to and from Sydney. The Outback Explorer train also travels between Sydney and Broken Hill weekly.

 There is also a coach service that connects Broken Hill with Mildura in Victoria and Adelaide in South Australia.

Who Lives In Broken Hill?

With a population of just 17,000 people, Broken Hill is a town where everyone is your neighbour. 

The average age of the people in Broken Hill is 45 years.

Almost 90% of people living in Broken Hill were born in Australia. This is significantly higher than the NSW average of 65% of people reporting they were born in Australia.

What's The Price Of Property?

Like many other regional towns in New South Wales, Broken Hill has experienced a boom in property prices.

Over the past 12 months, the average property price has increased by 14.1% to $171,000. Broken Hill offers an attractive annual rental yield of 9.7%. Investors can expect to receive about $280 per week rent from their tenants.

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