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We're a leading conveyancing law firm
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conveyancing for buying property
conveyancing for purchasing property
conveyancing for buying property

We're a leading conveyacing law Firm!

Are you buying property?

It doesn't matter whether you are buying a home to live in or purchasing an investment property - we will look after you.

We are a conveyancing law firm. We love what we do and we're good at it. The best part of our day is seeing our clients kick their property goals.

We spend time getting to know clients. Then we tailor our legal advice to suit the needs of each individual client.

We don't speak in legal jargon or gloss over the fine print. Our conveyancing lawyers spend one on one time with each client, to provide clear and easy-to-understand legal advice.

No deal is too complex or challenging for our conveyancing lawyers.

Our conveyancing services are offered on a fixed fee basis. We are confident we have some of the most competitive prices in the industry. We provide itemised quotes and we don't charge hidden fees.

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We could not have asked for better partners throughout our purchase process than Open House Conveyancing.

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Buying Property

Are you buying property? we've got you covered.

Three key things we will do for you when you are buying a home or purchasing an investment property

review your contract

When you are buying property, you should get legal advice before you sign the contract. You don't want to be stuck with an unfair deal.

Some firms offer 'free' contract reviews, which is usually a paralegal casting their eye over the contract. We don't do this.

Our property lawyers review every single word in the contract and provide you with a detailed letter of advice. Then we follow up with a teleconference so you can ask questions.

get the best deal

After we explain the terms of the contract, we will tell you how we plan to get a better deal for you.

We will negotiate with the seller's solicitor to change any terms of the contract that are unfair to you.

We will ensure any unclear terms and conditions are clarified.

Want to keep the fancy mirror hanging in the hallway? What about the custom made curtains? No problem, just let us know and we will ensure it's included in the contract.

seal the deal

The most important thing we take care of when you are buying property, is ensuring the title passes to you on settlement. This means when you pay the money for the property, you also become the legal owner.

We will prepare (and double check) all of the conveyancing paperwork to ensure the property is owned in your name at settlement.

All you need to do is arrange the removalist!
fixed fee conveyancing for buying property

Fixed Fee Conveyancing

No deal is too complex or challenging for our team. We do whatever it takes to get the job done. And we do it all for a low fixed fee. Let us help you with buying property!

Helping People Smash Their Property Goals


We had a fantastic experience with Open House Conveyancing especially being first time home buyers. Dennis and Rachael helped us through the process step by step and explained everything in detail. They were always very prompt to respond even after business hours. We would recommend OHC to anyone who is looking for an affordable yet very effective and smooth service.

Daisy Vargas December 21, 2023

Dennis was supportive and helpful regarding the sale of my property. He was available and happily answered any questions or concerns I had regarding the sale. Highly recommend Dennis and OHC.

Christy Goodyear December 18, 2023

It was seamless and easy using Open House Conveyancing. Definitely would use them again. Thanks Rachael and Dennis.

Pat B December 11, 2023

I wholeheartedly recommend Open House Conveyancing. Racheal and Dennis were totally involved from the get-go offering all advice and assistance to expediate the process, with everything done from my laptop at fair and reasonable fees.

Stephen Pasfield December 6, 2023

Dennis made the entire process of selling our house, easy. His excellent customer services, guidance on the documentation requirements and responses to our queries were prompt and clear. I would recommend Dennis to anyone for their conveyancing needs. Thank you! Dennis.

Tasneem Rangwala October 19, 2023

I would highly recommend this firm. I would give the firm a high trust rating and intend to engage their services in the near future.

Emmanuel Baqui October 17, 2023

how is property marketed for sale?

Jumping into the property market can be a daunting process. Especially now there’s hype about interest rate rises and property prices dropping.

But one thing you can do to prepare yourself is learn about the ways property is sold before you hit the market to find your dream home.
information on buying property

private treaty

Most properties for sale in Australia are sold by private treaty. 

Usually the seller (called the vendor) engages a real estate agent to list the property for sale. The vendor sets an asking price, and the purchaser negotiates to buy the property. 

Often the purchaser makes an offer for less than the asking price, while the vendor tries to sell it for as close to the asking price as possible – and this is where the negotiations begin.


Auctions are usually held when the vendor wants a quick sale, or the market is strong and there are a lot of buyers interested in purchasing property.

Auctions generate a sense of urgency and competition that you don’t always get with a private treaty sale. The vendor usually engages a real estate agent to list the property for sale. The agent will usually hold a strong marketing campaign (usually over about 4 weeks) with the aim of generating as much hype and interest in the property as possible.

On the day of the auction, the auctioneer will try to create an atmosphere of intensity and urgency. This encourages buyers to bid on the property, for fear of missing out.

There are strict rules when properties are sold by auction. The sale is final and there is no cooling off period. The highest bidder must immediately pay a deposit for the purchase.

We recommend prospective buyers seek legal advice prior to bidding at an auction. It is very important to have the contract reviewed prior to the auction (because it cannot be changed afterwards) and to seek legal advice on the process of buying a property at auction.

buying property at auction
off the plan conveyancing for buying property

off the plan

When you buy property off the plan, you agree to purchase something that is in the process of being built. That’s where the term ‘off the plan’ comes from – you are buying a property based off the ‘plans’ prepared by the builder or developer.

Buying a brand new property is exciting. However, purchasing something off the plan carries more risk than buying a property that has already been built. We recommend you contact our office before you sign the contract so we can explain everything to you and make sure the deal is fair before you commit to the purchase.


Fixed Fee from $990

costs of buying property

the cost of buying property

Several costs may payable upfront when you purchase property. These are on-off fees and include:

1. Transfer duty or stamp duty.

2. Bank fees and, if you are borrowing more than 80% of the value of your home, Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).

3. Building and pest inspection and other searches.

4. Legal or conveyancing fees.

5. Transfer and mortgage registration fees.

When you are the owner of the property, there will also be ongoing costs to pay, including council and water rates, utilities like electricity and gas, as well as maintenance and repair costs for the home.

It’s worth adding these costs into your budget so you can calculate how much you’ll need to save to buy and manage a home.

Get Started With Fixed Fee Conveyancing

Let our experienced conveancing lawyers help you!

additional information for buyers

There's a lot to think about when you are purchasing property. We try to explain the process in simple terms, to make the conveyancing process easy for buyers.
calculating stamp duty

calculating stamp duty

For most buyers, paying stamp duty is a requirement when purchasing property. In addition, stamp duty is often a large expense, adding up to more than $20,000.00 for the purchase of a property valued at $600,000.00.

We can advise you on the amount of stamp duty payable for your purchase.

interest rates and mortgages

Are you wondering how the bank determines the interest payable on a mortgage?

Want to know the different between a fixed loan and a variable loan?

Our lawyers can review and advise on loan documents and mortgages. Ask us for a fixed quote!

Read more about interest rates and mortgages

interest rates and mortgages buying property
first home buyers purchasing property

first home buyers

Buying your first home is a major milestone and we would be pleased to help you. We love watching our clients kick their property goals - especially first home buyers!

Our lawyers provide clear legal advice and take time to answer all your conveyancing questions. The conveyancing process doesn't need to be confusing. We make it simple and easy - let us help you!

Read more about first home buyers

buying property - frequently asked questions

We have been helping people buy property for years and there are some common questions we are asked by first home buyers and seasoned investors. 

For instance - what is a holding deposit? When should we arrange finance? How much stamp duty do we pay? The answers are all in our article 'Common Questions when Buying Property'

If you are thinking about engaging a buyer's agent to help you find and purchase a property, head over to our article 'What Is A Buyer's Agent?' for tips.

conveyancing for buying property
first home buyers purchasing property

Foreign Buyers

Investing into Australian real estate is very desirable for many foreigners. Although it is possible for a foreign person to buy property in Australia, there are certain rules and regulations they need to follow.

Generally, a foreign person requires approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) to purchase property in Australia. This applies to foreign persons living overseas or persons visiting Australia on a temporary visa.

Read more about foreign buyers

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