Sydney Olympic Park: The New 5-minute City

Sydney Olympic Park 5-minute city
Updated: October 30, 2023
First Published: October 30, 2023

Sydney Olympic Park is set for a major overhaul. There are plans to convert Sydney Olympic Park into a vibrant five-minute city and quadruple its population by 2030.

Urban planning company SJB has been appointed to lead the next phase of the Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030

Master Plan 2030 is a comprehensive plan guiding the long-term development of Sydney Olympic Park. This is the first time the entire 640ha of Sydney Olympic Park has been the subject of a single development strategy.

The target is to make the suburb “Sydney’s Green Beating Heart”. Plans include creating highly connected vertical neighbourhoods within 5-minutes walk of the city.

The suburb will be revitalised with a vibrant new town centre, educational facilities, shopping precinct, new homes, more jobs, increased open space, increased community facilities and facilitation of a new Metro station. 

Sydney Olympic Park Authority chief executive Leon Walker said suburb will change from an events-focused destination into a thriving community in the heart of the City’s growing western suburbs.

Mr Walker said “We heard loud and clear during community consultation that the focus on events and sport remains essential to the park—but instead of a suburb that only comes alive during big events, people want the park to be active day and night, weekdays and weekends, for locals and visitors alike.”

High density residential developments will be concentrated in the Metro area and the town centre. There is also potential to connect the suburb to the Parramatta Light Rail.

About 5600 people call Sydney Olympic Park home. The developments are predicted to attract an additional 19,000 residents to the area.

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