$400m WIN Grand development in Wollongong

WIN Development Wollongong
Updated: January 31, 2023
First Published: July 30, 2022

Billionaire Bruce Gordon’s WIN Corporation proposes to build a $400 million development in the heart of Wollongong.

Spanning an entire block in downtown Wollongong, the development site covers 1.3 hectares. Known as WIN Grand, the development includes three residential towers, commercial and recreational facilities. At 39-storeys high, one of the residential towers will be the tallest in Wollongong. Architecture company BVN is behind the design.

WIN Grand development for Wollongong
WIN Grand development in Wollongong. Photo: BVN Architecture

With their headquarters in Wollongong, Australia’s largest regional television network WIN Corporation has their roots firmly planted in the region. Over several years, the company slowly purchased all the properties spanning Crown Street, Keira Street, Atchinson Street and Burelli Street. Now they intend to shakeup this central block in Wollongong.

WIN’s development is the biggest in Wollongong since the GPT Shopping Centre (across the road from the WIN Grand development site) was completed in 2014.

Standing eight to ten stories higher than the current tallest building (Signature), WIN Grand will include a live music and arts venue, cinema, gym and pool. WIN Corporation hopes the development will bring new energy to downtown Wollongong.

The Greens have called for WIN Corporation and Wollongong City Council to set aside some apartments for affordable housing. They argue that housing in Wollongong is unaffordable for first home buyers and low to middle income earners.

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